Perks of being a subscriber

Extra Twitch.TV emotes which you can post everywhere on twitch.

1= sodaChanceMorris
2= sodaUpist
3= sodaPYAH
4= sodaMicMuted
5= sodaNOPE
5= sodaBD
5= sodaKYLE
5= sodaGS
5= sodaKesha
5= sodaWH
5= sodaREKT
5= sodaCRINGE
5= sodaBibleThump
5= sodaDEAL
5= sodaDOGE
5= sodaFP
5= sodaMC
5= sodaRB
5= sodaBJP
5= sodaKappa
5= sodaG
5= sodaBAM

 - No timing out from Moobot.
 - Promoting in both EU and US guilds.
 - Posting links in twitch
 - Personal messages from Sodapoppin.
 - Subscribers icon in twitch chat.
 - Get customer rank on the forum!.

Get Member in Sodapoppins raidcall.
This is how you do it;

Join the raidcall of Sodapoppin ID: 1230 (click or enter it manually)
Message an GROUP ADMIN for member rank.
What your message should contain;
That you’re subbed, and your exact twitch name.
Then the administrator could look you up and see if you’re really subscribed. 
If you are subscribed, you should get a popup to the right of your screen, which you will have to accept within a minute.
If not, you can send a member application with your twitch name.
It’s really important that you type it correctly.

Better your twitch experience

Better TwitchTV

This is an app for that makes it easier for users to handle with chatting.
- You can get your name highlighted, so you know when people are talking to you.
- You can darken your twitch, which is so much more awesome than the normal boring one.
- Better TwitchTV chat.
- Better TwitchTV emotes.
- Remove deleted messages. Get rid of the spammers completely.
There is lots of other perks too. Check it out!

This is an app that allows you to hover links, and the pictures will show without opening a new page. This is mostly really smart for Moderators, who needs to timeout bad pictures, but it also makes your twitch experience much easier.
You can download HoverZoom here

This is a page that shows the statistics of different streamers followers. It’s awesome.

Spotify sodapoppin playlist by ludzki
Ludzki has created a playlist with all kinds of music sodapoppin plays. This playlist can be found on spotify at spotify:user:ludvigjohansson:playlist:7gTMgqulUyAseTqDnmImm9 or via weblink HERE.