The #Truth about Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin, otherwise known as Chance Morris.
He is clearly 16, and a virgin who has never had sex in his entire life. His meals mostly consists of only McD’s. He currently lives in Michigan with his black friend; Nmp, otherwise known as Nick Polom. Nick is an expert with fleshlights, ketchup and virginity. You can also find his information at the homepage.

Before he moved to Michigan in May/June 2013, he lived with his parents in Austin, Texas.

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Dkane Morris, Also known as Dustin Morris, sodapoppins beloved brother, is a famous Texan rapper. You can check him out at; & Dkaaaaaayn.

Sodapoppin has been streaming for four years. He started streaming at Xfire, before he joined the twitch community. His old fan base (customer base) from Xfire, reunited with him after some posts on reddit, and the stream slowly grew into a massive virgin-party that consists of people from all over the world. At the moment there are over 200.000 viewers every day, with an average of 8,000 concurrent viewers. 99% of the viewers are covered in acne, and should probably not listen to any life advice that Sodapoppin gives them, cause it will mathematically only make it worse.
Currently he streams almost every day at  He's also active on YouTube with 110.000 subscribers, and Twitter with 11000 followers. His moderators have been chosen by the amount of acne they have.

Suddenly, one day. May 22nd, something extraordinary happened. Sodapoppin got a sub button. Ever since Sodapoppin joined the twitch community, he and his acne-covered moderators has been fighting for him to get one. FINALLY, after 4 years of streaming, after several bans from twitch;
- Banned for harassing twitch staff.
- Banned for “foot porn” featuring Emily young, otherwise knows and TheEmmazing.
- Banned for promoting illegal activity.
- Banned for BS that wasn’t his fault.

You can watch the legendary moment here;

And ever since that moment, no one gave a fuck.