Sodapoppin latest news

Chance and nick moving to california!
Posted 14th of May 2014
Chance and Nick will be moving to California! They currently are staying at a hotel to setup the house, signing lease and getting everything ready. So it could be that sometimes he cannot stream due to obligations. For now he will try and stream from the hotel as much as he can and as long as it is possible. Check out his stream and twitter for updates!
Team Sodapoppin to the Gathering!
Posted 7th of April 2014
The Gathering is the second largest lan party of the world (second to dreamhack). And this year, Sodapoppin will be there! The gathering is held from 16th to 20th of april. So are you planning on going to The Gathering, hop on the chance to meet sodapoppin and nmplol! Follow the stream around the dates for more information about streaming times etc.
Check the Youtube video about it:
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